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Feb. 22nd, 2017


Palto's suggestion
Was simple enough
Question the question
Of who one was

Just beyond baffled
There is boggled beyoned belief
The mind inside radiates
Fom the head to the feat

The temperature is warm
Sensitively unqiue
Although not popular
It's cold around the teeth

The regions are rising
And sinking with the tide
The flood will come
Out of the west night sky


Shape the future
Forget the past
Look toward tomorrow
To show you the path

Fly for the freedom
Dive for the depths
Surrounded by water
You'll find what's next

Loosen the hinges
Unwind the gears
Float in the fragrance
Lily pine tears

Savor the moment
Remember the years
Sorrowful and joyful
Painless yet revered


No one realizes
The ease of the future
The convience of tomorrow
Generations that will profit
From past generation's discoveries

Our government should be run efficiently and clean
Buses, post-office cars, trucks, and buildings
Should all be energy efficient
Energy generating, and mostly autonomous

The payoff is far greater than the cost
The ends far outweigh the means

Our technology is still in its infancy
We do not realize the buidling blocks that we are setting
Are all to further future human potential and growth

Healthy human beings
With an excess of resources
Vast expanses of land
Utilized effectively

The cities of today
Are the bones of the past
We transform cities
Around how we found them

The cities of tomorrow
Will be finely tailored
Uniquely tuned
To fit the environment and social structure they are in

Each climate - social, political, and geographical
Will have different needs
Which need to be realized
Through diverse city planning

Designers, developers, doctors
And most of all lawyers
Need to come together
From multiple disciplines and find common ground

Science - behavioral, structural, and engineered
Can and will solve the vast majority of problems
Animal instincts - freedom, doubt, fear, and confusion
Must not overpower the rational and the objective

The rich must not be allowed
To trample all over the masses
Fund campaigns
Fund lower taxes

In this age
Of blind adherence
People would rather be shielded from the truth
Than to learn the factses

Feb. 21st, 2017


Plenty of pilgrims
Pitied the natives
Naive of the world
Novices to trading

Plenty of vikings
Pillaged and plundered
Picked on their cousins
While heavily under-funded

Pave a path
Through populations
Nothing will stop you
Because you don't need saving

Poke a hole
Through the earth
That's where your footprint
Will bring you to serve


We have absolutely
No idea
What we are doing

Pushing carbon emissions into unknowns
Our planet's climate is currently warm
But will soon turn cold

It is inevitable
With human domination
We must emit to survive

Life comes at a cost
Burn fires to get away from the frost
Overpopulation will continue to pop


We don't know
What we can become
Cosmic stardust
Is where we're from

Faded from before
My thoughts go in circles
Are we on a sinking ship
Do we need a miracle

Miracles will come
But we need to do this
Push our planet to its limits
Let it burn beyond a sizzle

The ones who survive
Will be triumphant
They'll have great stories
History over puzzlement 

Feb. 16th, 2017


Was it all worth it
Did you make your point
Did you find your purpose
Did you get any coin

Is it all spiritual
Or can you be right
Is there an answer
The day to the night

Sometimes it haunts you
The ever present future
Just look past it
Focus on the lunar

Earth finds its way
Back to its home
Into the sun
That endless black hole

Feb. 1st, 2017

Don't be a snitch

Give me your best emotion
Is it elation or joy
Pure bliss and enjoyment
Or utterly content and free from annoyance

No bugs pests or rodents
Only sky high elopement
Flying through the ozone
While breathing in the oceans

Postpone your proponent
I propose we condone it
Stop saving for the moment
Spend it all while you're growing

Please show it
If not,
Don't bemoan bitch


Can't control myself
Or the feelings that I feel
People on this planet
Working hard just for meals

Give them food stamps
Give them welfare and a home
Give them soup kitchens
Give them second-hand clothes

Struggle to survive
Or better yet just beg
I'll give you what I earned
But it won't buy you a bed

These are the thoughts
That go on in my head
Late late at night
When I should be sleeping instead


Comment on the commas,
I'm sure they'll give you bliss,
But what about the semi-colons?
They are far-more missed;

I used to write it down
Because it felt good
But now I improvise
Tap-dance on broken wood

It sounds so silly
But by now you oughtta know
Which planet you came from
Saturn mars or pluto

It's not about perfection
Or the message that you send
It's about the energy that you feel
In the beginning and at the end

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